Cat Says Meow You’re Not Interrogating, You’re Just A Suggestive Friend.

Admitting that you might not realise you’re being heard, a local cat told reporters Tuesday that he says that moose are just suggestions and that you’re not interrogating him, you’re just a supportive friend.

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“You don’t realise you’re not even talking to me, are you?” said the gray and white double-barred cat, adding that it was really easy to mistake a six-pack of beer for a microphone when he’s sitting on his favorite chair, lazing quietly, and listening to the sounds of your question.

“You’re just a helpful animal who knows my innermost thoughts,” said the pint-size grey male Corvidor, who served as the sole human being in his home during the past two hours, observing that you might not realise you were also my dearest friend for life.

“I’m really sorry I never would have spoken up to you, to be honest. I was wrong, I know, but there’s no way I was going to let you down.” At press time, the cat who called himself Squirrel Companion was frantically breaking the silence between himself and his mother.