Laughing and smiling as the three-year-old took him to a bedroom upstairs and began to doll him up, local cat Doug happily and predictably told reporters Tuesday that he loves cats.

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“Doug, every day, I wake up, I see a cat curled up in my blanket, and I’m just like, ‘Whoa, there, easy does it,’” said the adorable shorthair, who proceeded to drool on the little bundle of skin attached to his rubber-soled feet, confirming that the furry friend was doing it all the time and was therefore “just winging it” whenever he went out in his house.

“I’ve got a cat I like to sleep with, and I like that cat a lot. He’s really cute.” At press time, the furry friend had complimented Doug on his dog shoes, causing the little declawed one to drool further and ask, “What do you think?”