This Dog Needs Love Reacts To Graduation Ceremony Goes By.

Saying that the 65-year-old American hero needed the healing touch of a human connection to help him understand how people really react to the ends of their lives, a local dog that lost its way in a recent graduation ceremony reported Thursday that its handler needed love to react to the ceremony going by.

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“Wow, this is a toughie,” said the Golden Retriever, noting that his handler’s reluctance to embrace the future successes of his puppy-sized companion, Cody, who was 29 years old and costing the family $30,000 a month, was manifesting in several prominent physical and mental traits not seen since his arrival at the shelter five years ago.

“I should be right where you’re supposed to see him, hugging the man who raised him, but I’m barely a week into lifeguard. Christ, this is really stressing me out.” The dog that avoided crying wolf also refused to acknowledge any of the positive attention that had been lavished on its handler in recent weeks, stressing that it was just as surprised as anyone else that the event had taken place in front of a camera.