’s Best Friend.

Admitting that his relationship with the socially awkward 31-year-old has been mutually beneficial for the two of them, Elon Musk’s current girlfriend, Susan G.

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Komen President Ellen Landry, confirmed Wednesday that her darling son Elon Musk is the best friend she’s ever had.

“He’s the one who always knows the ins and outs of everything and talks the talk, but beyond all that, he’s the most important person in my life,” said Landry, adding that when she’s not making him go on a date to a bar, she wants him to sit her down with her, ask her what she thinks of his buddy Elon, and reveal himself as someone who really means what he says.

“I could really use a day or two with someone like that. I mean, we just met, he came right out and said he’s actually a pretty smart guy, so it’s only fair that I try and understand what he’s saying.” Landry went on to say that she intends to use the occasional violent outburst as an opportunity to introduce herself to her new friend.