Facebook CEO: Lizard People Don’t Really Care What You’re Reading.

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Expressing concern that a recent spate of high-profile fallacies and outright falsehoods were harming users’ faith in the site, Internet company Reddit co-founder and CEO Steve Huffman informed reporters Wednesday that he has “no idea what the fuck you’re reading.” “I just don’t get it, it’s just not true,” said Huffman in a passionate speech to employees, explaining that the website was in danger of being taken down for its “unsubstantiated, deeply offensive claims.” “We’re all deeply concerned here, and I’m afraid to say that the recent bans are only exacerbating the problem. People need to stop wasting their time on unproven, bigoted misinformation, and start taking action before it’s too late.” At press time, Huffman had been joined by other prominent members of the site’s management in a meeting to discuss implementing a web filter to automatically flag links that infringe upon personal privacy.