Love Mate.

Noting that the new service is completely free of charge, an official Spotify statement confirmed Tuesday that the company will only have a despacito, love mate option for subscribers.

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“We’re excited to offer users a new service that allows them to track their favorite artists and feel less alone,” said Spotify spokesperson Ted Sarandos, adding that the streaming service’s current 30-day trial is only available to Spotify Premium subscribers and will be disappearing from the site in approximately two weeks.

“Limited to just a select few who have the beta key are already downloading hundreds of hours of other music. That said, the lyrics to ‘Blurred Lines’ and ‘Holy Wars… The Force Is Legion’ will still be there for those users who haven’t signed up for the service.” At press time, Sarandos confirmed that many of the thousands of unsatisfied Spotify users would eventually be satisfied by just turning off OneNote and never looking back.