Noting a marked change in their national attitudes and behaviours, a survey published Wednesday by researchers at the University of Cambridge found that the British have changed.

“Overall, I’m pleased with the British, but as soon as I saw the flag on top of the hill, I realized something was not quite right,” said lead researcher Dr.

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Elizabeth Bowes, noting that, despite the recent vote to leave the European Union, many of their traditional loyalties remain steadfast and unchanged despite the fact that they have changed their vote to Leave.

“For instance, I expect most of my British friends to be Remain, but I also expect them to admit that as a Remain voter, you really couldn’t ask for a more reasonable proposal. Also, most of my American friends seem to think the U.K. is better than it is, at least in the short term.” Bowes went on to remark that given the degree to which most of her research subjects expressed skepticism toward the study’s findings, the researchers were confident the experiment would turn out to be a failure.