FBI: The Truth Is Classified Top Secret.

Having conducted an exhaustive review of the highly classified information found on its website, the Washington Post confirmed Wednesday that the White House’s website contains over 400 pages of highly classified information that are exempt from any disclosure laws.

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“The papers in question cover everything that can be gleaned from the pages, including key operational details such as who orders the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, how the Warren Commission handles the case, and how the Warren Commission responds to protestors. The documents also cover how the Clintons move money and how much of the Saudi royal family has contributed to their family’s foundation,” said WaPo reporter Julie Byman, adding that the trove of documents, which the newspaper says contains top-secret military operations, top diplomatic cables, and top covert intelligence, could potentially expose the inner workings of the Warren Commission.

“Although the scandal involving the Trump campaign and Fusion GPS has taken place decades ago, the records suggest that we are closer than we once were to a full-scale conspiracy, exposing the secret back channels and financial transactions that allow the Trump campaign to operate with almost no oversight whatsoever. We are also getting far more information from the files of James Comey, who was famously unable to be reached by the press during his lifetime.” Byman went on to say that the Warren Commission would likely recommend that the White House temporize before making any further disclosures.