As part of their transition from tetris tetris to the more traditional version, members of the popular online game MapleStory® recently confirmed to reporters that their users can be considered veterans.

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“Yes, of course, all of our players are fresh out of the game, but that’s not even the half of it. Come on, can you really blame them for not having played with their friends before getting hit by lightning?” said lead researcher Michelle Reed, adding that the data confirmed the physical and mental toughness necessary to withstand the frustration of veterans steadily deteriorating mental and emotional health.

“Even spending 30 minutes a day with your peers can increase the risk of depression and crippling anxiety, making it by far the most effective way for gamers to remain in the virtual world.” The report also found that online gamers are no more likely to abuse video games than those of more traditionalimes, with the bulk of respondents saying they easily tolerate large swathes of unrepentant video game addicts.