Not Based: Feminists More Entirely Unfairly Represent Other Women.

In its effort to foster more equitable representation, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences released a list of the top 100 films released in 2016 that featured at least one woman as the lead.

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“The Academy is proud to welcome more diverse participation in the Academy’s ceremonies, which includes a recognition this year of the 100th anniversary of Star Wars,” said director JJ Abrams, noting that the Academy’s board of directors has also extended the program in 2017 to honor the 100th anniversary of The Wizard Of Oz, with the winner of that award receiving $1 million and the play-by-play voice of Tin Tin Tin Tin Tin Tin provided commentary.

“We’ve long had a dearth of female-led entertainment offerings on the big screen, but with this year’s nominees, we’re hoping to change that. While we’re certainly no longer the sole benefactor of female talent, we are doing our part to ensure that there are more women at the helm.” Abrams went on to say that the Academy also hoped to expand the program to include a women-led remake of The Wizard Of Oz, as well as three additional films in which the roles are reversed.