The disturbing phenomenon of white people being treated like second-class citizens by a system that insists they deserve preferential treatment and affirmative action is at its most disturbing when combined with the general ignorance and lack of racial awareness that exists within the white community,” said lead researcher Julia Perla, explaining that the data confirmed the terrifying truth that white people are completely at the mercy of a sinister system that punishes them for even the slightest crime. “Simply put, there are two systems in place—one is for whites to feel like second-class citizens, and the other is for whites to be completely baffled by and ashamed of white people.

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Both serve to keep whites in a perpetual state of fear and uncertainty about their place in society, and in order for whites to feel like outsiders to begin with, they’re actually way cooler than they think.” Researchers also found that the most popular romantic partner of white people is actually the second-most popular romantic partner among white people.