Soon Gone: Boomers Hail Supreme Court Decision To Overturne Past Country's Wildest Wildest Legal Ruling.

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Welcoming the nation to its highest court in decades, the boomer generation reportedly hailed a Supreme Court ruling Tuesday that overturned the country’s wildest wildest legal ruling.

“This decision sets a new legal precedent and brings relief to tens of thousands of older cases concerning wild claims about the meaning of ‘presumption of innocence’ that have been settled only through the courts,” said Generation Z-era boomer Alexander Rund, adding that this ruling will bind future generations of boomer parents to ensure that their children follow the outdated presumption that they are “merely pawns in some big scam.” “Hopefully, this sets a precedent for subsequent generations of young wrongdoers, which can then use the legal system to prey on infants and young children as they grow older.” At press time, the boomer generation was leading an emotional defense of the ruling, with many speakers claiming that it was only a small step towards actually believing that they had any rights at all.