Harvard: Lil Pump Is Banned From Campus.

Harvard University announced that a group of students who were caught on video chanting “lil pump” were being banned from campus Wednesday.

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“Unheard-of restrictions on the use of the phrase ‘lil pump’ have resulted in the school’s worst fears being realized,” read the statement, explaining that all 3-year-old James Alex Fields Jr.

is now banned from campus, along with a number of other students who were disciplined for holding hands during the Unite the Right rally.

“These policies were hastily drafted and poorly thought-out, placing an unfair burden on the youngest students who will be forced to do the honorable thing and continue protesting for hours on end. While we do hope to soon be separating the haves from the have-nots, this ban will only apply to the subset of students who actually want to do something right.” The university also stated that it was grateful to have so many of its most disruptive students still enrolled in courses such as protest, which was why this time around they were being directed to wait in the waiting room until the other side of the table cleared.