Saying the worst offender of all time had crossed the line in a non-violent Internet meme, the FBI announced Thursday that it had found the worst meme of all time.

“At approximately 11 p.m. last night, the FBI made the discovery that posting a screencap of YouTuber JimHimself making the comment ‘I’m with her’ occupied by the most unfathomable image of our time—it is the most egregious and sinister example of its kind,” said agency spokesperson Laura Milford, adding that the finding represented the most severe challenge to date to the 56-year-old creator of the looping, looping, and shifting video game, which was also responsible for the “father fucking joke” of the original “Guitar Hero” and the “Mule” series.

“The FBI has also recently received a number of unsubstantiated allegations that suggest the deceased may have made payments to suppress evidence of his identity.” At press time, the FBI said it was not quite ready to release the video, but it would be revisited in the future.