McDonald's Now Has A McNuke For People Who Don’t Need A Hand Clean.

In an effort to make their products more accessible to a wider customer base, McDonald’s announced Tuesday that they’re now offering a new version of their classic McFlurry for people who do not need a hand clean.

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“As our customers begin to see, our old McFlurry still has the same explosive, fast-acting flavor that we all know and love,” said McDonald’s spokesperson Connie Francis, noting that the new McFlurry contains all the same comfort food benefits as the original, including melted cheese, melted bacon, and American cheese.

“We know that comfort food can be a little messy sometimes, so we’re making a McFlurry specifically for people who don’t like the taste of anything else. The base will still be seasoned with cajun spices and Old Bay, but this is just to help us find a niche market.” At press time, the new McFlurry was on its third helping of chicken McNugget gravy.