Fortnite Has Replaced RuneScape Character With Fan-Made Dark-Skinned Troll.

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“This is a mistake I make time and time again. Spreading misinformation about the wonders of the internet, this new ‘monster of the week’ has replaced RuneScape character Colin Thorne with a fan-made dark-skinned Troll,” said Thorne, adding that his original, wooden avatar was only skin and bones, and that his Troll-based kinfolk were the direct descendants of those who died that horrible night centuries ago.

“This is wrong, and I am sorry. I know it might make some people uncomfortable, but it’s the truth. The new Troll is just a placeholder character, and he’s only meant to be an embodiment of the submissive nature of the universe.” Thorne added that he considered the addition to be fair, as there was still some validity to the old skin color-changing creature.