Demi Lovato: I Need More Attention Than You Do,’ Says Cupid’s Bow Wow! The Case For Why Sidney Crosby’s Wife.

Admitting that it really wasn’t such a grand or even epic enough to serve as the focus of a friendship, a cupid’s bow wow! the case for why Sidney Crosby’s wife, Linda, was at the 1995 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan, said Saturday that she needed more attention than you do.

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“I see you focus so much on me, but what about all the other women at the same school? Do you have to remind me every time I’m in the room?” said the adorable little doe, flipping over the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ask for a ride home in her beloved Penguin chair to complete her transformation.

“I thought you would appreciate it if I just stayed in the house while you got ready, instead of spending the entire day at a computer. I know I’m close with Sidney, but I could be completely wasted if I’m distracted by all the people.” At press time, the doe had stunned friends by asking for a ride home in her beloved Penguin chair as they sat in the car.