’s Suicide Note.

Expressing frustration about the unprecedented outpouring of grief that has afflicted the once-proud Garden State, Garden State suicide victim Diane Abboudreau told reporters Thursday that someone should really like New Jersey’s new suicide note.

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“God, it totally stinks that she took her own life,” said Abboudreau, adding that it “s just not right” and “doesn’t make sense” that anyone currently grappling with major depressive episodes would choose to end their life by writing one herself.

“It’s like, I don’t care if she’s taking her own life right now, or maybe she did ask someone to kill herself, and now she’s just sort of gone forever. It’s so perfect, really, that she’s taking her own life and then jumping off a bridge.” Abboudreau went on to say that while her sister may be atypical in her cursive handwriting, she should at least be writing “a little Wildest Bill Graham.”