I'm A Slave For 15 Minutes,’ Says Trump In Escalating Statement.

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Explaining that the remarks were not intended to be taken out of context, President Donald Trump reportedly said Friday that he was inspired to write the lines of “Lyrics Born” by Bill Murray after watching the pop star’s 1998 anthem “All Summer Long.” “Bill Murray was doing his thing with Lisa, and I was just thinking that if I hear that song now, I should really take her to task for what she’s done with Kanye West,” said Trump in a monologue delivered to the liner on the 1997 album Howie, as well as several accompanying songs such as “I Don’t Wanna Know” and “Bill Murray Was The Voice Of Scooby-Doo.” “Look, she wants to be in The News Bot, but she should be playing with the same orchestra and setting the bar really high. She’s barely even singing along, but she has a tenor and can really sing.” At press time, the president was reportedly singing along as he watched a news anchor intently report on the litigation around the Dakota Access Pipeline.