Parents Are Throwing Their Children In The Ocean To Prove They Can Swim.

Calling it a pure joyous experience, a local family told reporters Monday that they were throwing their 10-year-old son, Joshua, in the ocean to prove they can swim.

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“It feels great to see Joshua out there, nipping at mommy’s toes and saying, ‘Mmm,’ as if we go swimming all the time,” said the parents, adding that their son’s enthusiasm for the sport was infectious and that it showed every time he jumped into the pool with his shirt wrapped around his waist.

“He’s got his tuxedo pants wrapped around his ankles, too, and he’s just having the time of his life in there.” At press time, the family’s enthusiasm for swimming quickly turned to horror when Joshua dropped his son’s body at the bottom of the pool and said, “You’re going to die if you’re not careful.”