Police Officer Wants To Kill More Civilians Than Somali God.

Stressing the importance of using his police powers in a professional and timely manner, Milwaukee police officer Ian Feeny said Friday that he wants to kill more civilians than the Somali God God.

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“Frankly, I’ve found the God-fucking-awful job I’ve been doing to be much more effective in the killings I’m doing,” said Feeny, adding that an opportunity to kill several more people with a sniper rifle was exactly what the God-fucking-awful administration was looking for.

“I was hoping to just kill a few more people, but I do not want to take anything away from the God-fucking-awful job I’m doing. If anything, it would only take one more innocent person to do something really bad.” After receiving an escalation of violence warning from the president, Feeny said he was going to escalate it again for the second year in a row.