As the critically acclaimed new series premieres Tuesday night, many viewers will be familiar with Superman: Origins, the recently aired ABC show that follows the adventures of the eponymous titular Superman as he battles evil-doers, government agents, and evil corporations in order to win his freedom from the evil Multiverse.

But there are those who will not be able to be fully caught up in the stories that have shaped and defined Superman over the course of his 75-year history,” said Superman TV series producer Bruce Timm, noting that the 9-10 p.m. time slot was especially appropriate given that the new series would focus on the adventures of the titular Superman, as well as his many advanced story arcs, including Superman IV and the upcoming films in which he battles evil corporations and evil governments. “Superman: Origins is a thrilling, action-packed, superhero epic that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to comic book fans as a standalone experience.

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It’s the closest thing to a comic book I’ve created in some time, and I feel like it represents the future of comics, at least in the superhero genre.

The villains are smart, they’re sexy, and they do some cool things with Kryptonian biology.

Plus, there are a few cool new toys to get involved with.” Timm added that if Superman: Origins was a success, Warner Bros. would consider creating a spinoff film featuring the villain played by Henry Cavill.