Homosexualist Using Human Skin As Trophy In Hunt For Seducer.

Spitting at a photo of the fund’s top predator-repelling predator-slaying specialist, Bill Gates is now evil, a homosexualist using human skin as a trophy in his ongoing hunt for a seducer, sources confirmed Thursday.

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“Bill Gates is an evil, homosexualist using the flesh of our murdered children to groom other high-profile donors to make even greater donations,” said George Ruman, a 32-year-old Georgian, showing a photo of the five-term Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist using the scorched, hideously alive body of an up-and-coming college graduate he had hacked from the Internet.

“He’s finally going after the charity score to prove his point, and it’s finally going to be the whole of his career—or at least half.” The naked, shuddering Microsoft co-founder was unfazed by the sight of five high-pitched, squeaky noises coming from the computer terminal where he had been stripped of his possessions and tortured for nearly two years with such regularity that it was hard for his captors to keep their heads above the parapet.