Florida Man Comes To Brazil After World Cup Wishes He Could Spend Time With People He Likes.

Saying he was hoping to use his time in Brazil to get to know the people around him and help inspire them to succeed, local man Lucas Pato, 29, told reporters Friday that he wished to spend one last year in Brazil after leaving the soccer World Cup early this morning.

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“I just wanted to see how it plays out over the whole tournament, but thankfully I had a few hours to kill myself,” said Pato, adding that while watching England’s first-round game against the Socceroos was “definitely great,” he also wished to savor the moment when he joined the crush of teammates in the tunnel before their warm-up match against Brazil in the second-round.

“The tournament is over and I’m ready to see football again, but it’s probably not a good use of my time anyway. Maybe next year I’ll spend it making jokes about the shortest players in the world.” At press time, Pato had decided to go see if he could get in shape by working out at the same gym where he’d previously be.