George Bush Did Tiananmen Square Massacre Used As Test For U.S. Military Contract.

With the recent release of the U.S. Army report card assessing the nation’s ranking in the 2014 Asia-Pacific conflict, several readers are wondering what role the 1989 massacre of 52 human-rights activists, journalists, and political activists may have played in the current war in which they now serve.

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“I’m not really sure,” said Tom Riddle, 32, echoing the sentiments of more than 230 million Americans who were uncertain as to how the still-powerful military-industrial complex had been able to buy the silence of grieving families nearly two decades after the events that resulted in the wrongful conviction of Martin Luther King Jr.

“I can’t say I’m fully qualified to criticize the U.S. government for what they did to Ms. Khashoggi, but I’m pretty much game for whatever the government decides to do with that information.” At press time, the nation’s populace was reportedly similarly baffled by the prospect of learning that they had been paid millions of dollars to keep the information about the country’s most prominent black man under wraps for the foreseeable future.