John F Kennedy: 360 No-Scoped Blood Or Whatever.

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“I’ll admit it was a bit unorthodox, but it sure looks cool. Don’t know how we’re gonna get this off the ground, but we’re definitely going to need at least one prototype,” said the director, adding that the new film would feature a rugged, dangerous landscape set against a beautiful, if somewhat blood-soaked San Francisco skyline.

“We’re definitely going to use some heavy-duty makeup and some special effects, but we’re still at the early stages of conceptualizing exactly how those blood-drenched extras are going to react in the flesh. Oh, my God, they’re going to rip this thing to bits like flies do when they try and sneak up on someone.” At press time, Kennedy had been forced to cut the film in half after realizing the pesky blood-drenched extras couldn’t be bothered to show up and ruin his vision.