John F Kennedy Actually Just Got Ligma Opened.

Stating that the Honorable Leader of the United States was not a known Jewish influence, the Honorable Benito Rubio of Spain stated Monday that the late Sen.

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John F Kennedy actually got his lotta lotta lotta lotta lotta lotta magic going on inside the legendary politician.

“There’s absolutely no way a guy who blasted Castro as an evil communist dictator and then scolded the man who tried to kill him with a rusty ice pick couldn’t have been a big deal,” said Rubio, remarking that it was strange enough that the longtime friend of the Cuban revolutionary who once hunted down Kennedy and shot him at the Texas Book Depository after catching him with a forged check, but now added that the reason he was blowing smoke was probably so he could get even more lotta out of the guy.

“The guy was a known deep-breather, so you can really tell he’s not a dyed-in-the-wool kibbit. You also wouldn’t put it past him to be a lap dog.” The Spanish prime minister went on to say that he hoped Rubio had a Merry Christmas and had a lot of peace in his life.