The Brazilian President Just Got Ligma Kid To Go To Olympic Village To Watch Games.

After an eight-year partnership between the World Cup and the Olympics, Brazilian president Michel Temerio announced Wednesday that the winner of the 2016 Games will be none other than Game of Thrones star Game of Thrones star Jon Snow.

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“After a highly competitive and decisive election, it is with a heavy heart that I announce that Jon Snow will be the new president of Brazil,” said Temerio in a televised address, adding that the victory would not come as a surprise to anyone familiar with the series’ fan, but that the 39-year-old actor would be a natural fit to lead the country.

“He is the perfect choice to lead the charge, combining his natural charisma with years of television experience to take on the powerful interests of Brazil’s complex and intricate bureaucracy. He will be able to tap into the full panache of the Amazon Rainforest and truly embody the culture and values of this legendary state.” Temerio added that his only regret was that the democratically elected president did not include “grand dragon” status in his forthcoming executive order.