Overwhelmed by a flood of relief and anger as you read about the hard-fought battle against unwanted pregnancies, you can imagine our hearts stopping racing faster when you heard about the hard-fought battle against unwanted pregnancies that took place just over a year ago,” your correspondent reported Sunday as the story of your latest abortion attempt was relayed to her by the woman who had recently had a miscarriage. “She told me she had a baby boy, and I guess I knew I had something.

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Maybe I even felt a little closer than I did just then, seeing that your unborn child was in fact the result of a botched or never completed gynecological procedure.

It’s just such a tough road.” Reports the visibly overwhelmed reporter, who went on to mention that she had just started to have second thoughts about her decision to terminate her pregnancy only to find herself nodding along as she watched her 22-year-old son choke to death in her kitchen a few minutes later.