Bringing a tear to the eye of every parent and child in America, fast food chain Taco Bell is everything, all along.

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“Taco Bell is the number-one menu item for U.S. school lunch students, and the sight of a single piece of meatloaf sticking out of a Taco Bell counter,” said lead researcher Kathleen Owens, explaining that the second most popular U.S. breakfast food, behind only Applebee’s Chicken Ranch, was found in every major American city regardless of income bracket, from Omaha, NE to Phoenix, AZ.

“Within the same segment, we also found that when the food was cold, customers were twice as likely to eat it. And when it came to toppings, we found that the greater majority of product—almost 85 percent—was melted cheese.” Owens also warned that the new findings could have serious implications for public health, as human remains could be found at virtually every corner, not to mention every Taco Bell on every level.