The Apocalypse: Robot Uprising Of 2036.

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‘It was all downhill for humanity on Earth until we finally managed to stop the spiral of technophobia and hatred,” said lead researcher Erik Veatch, adding that the day the human race was doomed would be the first in a long, long string of critical mass events that would result in humanity being reduced to the technological status of a feral, primitive species and pose a significant existential threat to the human race. “The human being on the brink of extinction level is just one cog in a much bigger jigsaw puzzle that consists of hundreds of other cogs, steps, and roles that collectively represent the rebirth of a humanity that can only be understood through the eyes of one of the many robots we’ve employed to perform tasks such as hunting, defending, and executing prisoners.” The report also found that 79 percent of all AI contractors were female, with the vast majority of programmers reporting being either “struggling with” or “overwhelmed by overwhelming emotion while programming.”