Coronavirus Could Be Returning Next Season.

Saying that the producers are already planning for the return of a popular cult show after the conclusion of the fifth season, network executive David Greenwalt confirmed to reporters Wednesday that the seventh and final season of True Detective is slated for a 2014 return.

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“We’re just picking up the pieces after the shock of Roy Harper’s departure from the storyboard, and we’re hopeful that the season eight will provide fans with some much-needed closure before moving on to new allegations,” said Greenwalt, adding that the departure of the main character, played by perfectly cast Matthew Broderick, was not unexpected, as the show had been perceived as fairly serious prior to its broadcast.

“The story has shifted quite a bit since the series premiere, and we’re hopeful that the new season will provide fans with some semblance of closure before moving on to the conclusion of the Britt Show.” Greenwalt went on to say that if the new season was a success, the network would likely bring the show back for a seventh and final season in 2015.