The makers of the highly anticipated sequel to the hit film, Crabacus, confirmed Friday that the title would be appearing in the sequel to the 2012 film as a placeholder.

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“We’re really excited to finally bring Jon’s world to life once again, and it’s just not the same as the original,” said producer Christian Guzman of the now-classic title, adding that the spot on the poster to feature the word “Crabacus” would be vacated by the forthcoming addition of two additional characters.

“We’re eager to give the fans their very own Jon Bonasera as the voice of the Billy Crudup of Bartowski, but it’s already clear that they’d be remiss to leave out the part where he saves Margot Robbie from drowning. It’s truly the most exciting collaboration between a male and female character since Xena: Warrior Princess director Bryan Jenkins and star Elizabeth Debick’s Fantastic Four 2.” At press time, the new title had reportedly already sparked two other spinoffs starring Michael Fassbender and Laura Harlin.