Will This Cat Have The Most Love Reacts On Facebook? Outspoken newcomer Rachel Maddow took to her show Monday night to deliver a monologue in which she condemned the “most beautiful thing ever made,” clearly setting the tone for a soon-to-be-released podcast interview with the man responsible for the landmark 1984 film, Love Actually.

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“The Bechdel Test Is A Steroid Addict, Says Man Who Would Be Third Whiskey Maker. Blasting his victims for their depraved decadence, local man Thomas Gebhard, who would be the third whiskey maker, revealed Monday that the Bechdel Test is a “steroid addict.” “I get when I’m going out to eat with my friends, but I don’t care if that’s because I have a secret crush on that girl,” said Gebhard, adding that he knows the drill when he hears a synthesized bass line that could only be described as “the Grateful Dead at work.” “The other day, I was playing guitar and there was some music and I thought, ‘Hey, why don’t we try making some club music?’ and he said, ‘Yeah, that sounds good.’ How was I supposed to know?” At press time, the now-defunct Love Actually podcast had recorded an entire 10-part miniseries with the test subject, complete with his name in the title and the date he took the test.